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UnlockD’s specialised document management Data Capture Facilities are optimised to accept all types of Incoming Paper by hand, post, fax, web or email. Paper documents received,are first sorted and prepared by our highly skilled and trusted teams for transfer to our data capture teams where they are converted into electronic files, uploaded to our Servers on a secure connection.

Types of Documents

Benefits to Clients: Data Capture.

• Achieve accuracy with our quality assurance process flow, which ensures accuracy and validity of data captured for your teams to use in decision making.

• Gain access to increased Efficiencies by accelerating overall turnaround times, eliminating backlogs and receiving clean, secure, usable digital data and images of the original document within your required deadlines.

• Focus your internal resources on core business functions and towards activities that have a greater return, by outsourcing the document management needs to us.

• Significantly reduce Overheads costs associated with recruiting, training and performance managing staff required to perform the service in-house, whilst gaining access to a larger talent pool and a sustainable source of skills from us. Our manual data capture process is affordable yet effective. We offer a unique combination of highly-trained operators & supervisors that double verify accuracy of data captured.

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